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Thursday, August 11, 2011


Tortilla Sam's on Highland Street was in serious need of a remodel.  It was a little bit on the drab and dirty side and even though it offered the best buffalo wings in the city for a modest price it wasn't always the most welcome experience.

They've remodeled-- added a new bright ceiling, ripped up the carpeting (always a good idea for a restaurant) and put in some additional lights.  They also added table cloths and some new paint.  The overall effect is much better.  It feels clean and airy now.  The night we went they also had two waitresses on which was also a good thing because it was fairly busy.

One of my biggest complaints about Sam's, which I go to often since it's only three blocks from the museum, is that it's freezing in the winter and too hot in the summer.  We were there on possibly the hottest night of the year and although it wasn't Boynton cool by any means-- and its downright cold in there- it was comfortable enough to eat.

A solid place which gets a bad rap sometimes, but it's got a friendly staff and bargain prices so why not give the new Tortilla Sam's a chance?