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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Learn How to Draw Comics

I'm offering a 4 week intensive class at WAM starting next Thursday July 7th and running the whole month-- 6pm - 9pm and we'll cover everything in a clear and concise structure.  From plotting out your story to giving yourself deadlines that work covering technical tricks to make you faster and more productive this class is something I've been pushing for.   Normal 10 week comic classes have a slightly relaxed pace-- and that doesn't represent what the lifestyle of hitting deadlines is like at all.

For example-- each student's drawing station will be set up with illustration boards set at an angle, and week 1 will look at The Idea/the plot/the inspiration/the plan-- which will ensure success.  Serious students will find they are able to work at the speed that is needed after taking this course and following the rules I cover.

If you want to do this, learn how, or get a feel for what it's like to work in a deadline driven environment this is the class to take.

Give the WAMr's a call at 508.79.4406 or sign up on the website.