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Monday, April 18, 2011

Movie Monday; This Week on TCM

You might have to call in sick today, at 2:30 on Turner Classic Movies they are showing a great little Warner Bros B-Movie called OUT OF THE FOG-- it's based on a stage play and features Ida Lupino and John Garfield in the lead roles.

Lupino is a girl anxious to get out of the mundane fishing village life she leads, when petty gangster Garfield comes along he offers something the other boys in town can't-- experience and excitement.

It's a well acted WB programmer with elements of the coming Film Noir movement thrown in for good measure.  Warners was always great at doing gritty dramas and this is no exception.

Also this week worth noting:
2am Thursday night/Friday Morning-- Shanghai Express with Marlene Dietrich.  Great film not available on DVD.
10pm Friday is STELLA DALLAS with Barbara Stanwyck-- a precode melodrama about a woman who sleeps her way to the top of her field.
And Saturday night at 8pm on THE ESSENTIALS this week is GUNGA DIN (1939) with Cary Grant-- one of the greatest action adventure movies of all time.