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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ask Archie: Baby Groom

Baby Groom
The second installment of Ask Archie runs in WoMag today-- and they've started a blog for Archie so that you can read his column online and ask him your own questions there.

You'll have to go there or read WoMag to see how Baby Groom goes with the questions for this week.  They've been cool with letting me pic whatever image I want to illustrate so far.

Peeking behind the screen to see what is involved in providing a quick doodle for a semi-weekly advice column I can tell you that we've worked out some of the bugs.

First, since it's an advice column, Archie waits until the last minute to choose his letters, then said column gets sent over to WoMag Editor and Chief Doreen Manning who THEN sends it to me so that I can pick which question I want to illustrate, I do a quick sketch which is then forwarded to both Archie and Doreen for approval and if all goes well I have about a half a day to draw the thing.  NOT an easy task to do-- when I originally agreed to doing this I wasn't thinking about red tape-- shame on me-- this ain't my first rodeo so you'd think I would have seen it coming.

But thanks to both Arch and Doe I now have a bit more freedom since they've promised I will get at least two letters to look at a week in advance, and Archie is willing to let Doreen have approval which will speed up the process.

Thanks to that-- you'll see more detailed illos like the one this week as opposed to the binoculars I drew last time around.

Check out the column, support the WoMag and send in questions to Archie-- he seems like a pretty smart chap.