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Friday, February 25, 2011

Live Auction at Heritage Tonight

Among the lots in tonight's HERITAGE Auction are the complete pages to an issue of BATMAN GOTHAM KNIGHTS by my good pal Paul Ryan.

The Complete Issue!
This is a complete issue-- which in itself is rare.  When original art is returned to a comic book artist the pages are divided between the penciler and the inker-- so it's extremely unusual to see the whole thing in one place.

In this case, Paul both penciled and inked the book and to make it even rarer still these pages are actually LETTERED right on the page-- with today's technology almost all letting is done on the computer so to find these pages like this-- well, I can't say "rare" enough can I?

Despite the fact that I'll probably be bidding on this lot myself-- I wanted to point out this great lot especially since it's going for a bargain price right now.  This is your chance to get a very rare collectible.