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Thursday, January 20, 2011


In CONFLICT, Bogie is the owner of an Engineering Firm who is unhappily married to Catherine, mostly it seems, because Catherine has a Bride of Frankenstein shock of white hair and a little sister who he considers the cats pajamas now that she's all grown up.

This is a Warner Bros film so the whole setup for the plot is summed up for you in the first eight minutes of the film.  I actually like WB for that very reason-- they made movies for hardworking people who didn't want the lush musical numbers of MGM or the artsy buildup we're more familiar with today-- instead the movie starts and fires at you on all cylinders right away.

So Bogie is in love with Catherine's sister Evelyn, and Catherine knows it-- but she will never divorce him.  Bogie starts to think maybe if Catherine was out of the way he and Evelyn could finally be together, unfortunately for him his good friend Mark (played by Sydney Greenstreet) keeps trying to set Evelyn up with a handsome young college professor.

The performances in this movie are entertaining enough, and I don't think there can be such a thing as a bad Bogie film- especially when he's teamed with Greenstreet.  The interaction between the two as the film progresses will keep you engaged.

While the film certainly has a dark feel to it-- Bogie has bad plans all on his own, there's no temptation from the little sister which means I can't give this the FILM NOIR stamp-- instead it's more akin to the crime noir family.

It's not available commercially on DVD but they show it on TCM on a regular basis.  It's worth your 87 minutes.

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