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Thursday, March 5, 2015


I think there is little worse than Spam calls or text messages on your cell phone.
Not only is it time wasting,  but you may very well be paying to get that call or text message depending on your plan.

I was getting hit probably 2x a day-- the BIGGEST offender?  DirecTV.

Yup-- my old friend.

I had DirecTV for the $12/mo introductory offer for a year-- then it jumped up to $48/mo and then to $84 a month on year three.  Apparently you can call DirecTV and ask them for a lower plan or a deal or whatever other nonsense but you have to CALL them.  Nothing more fun that sitting on hold and then chatting with your friendly DTV operator.

The first time I called, they offered to lower the bill to $20 a month for a year-- I came back with $10 a month for LIFE.  Meaning I would never have to call again and the service, 300+ channels which come in great as long as the weather is perfect is worth about $120 a year.  Mainly because out of the 300+ channels I actually watched about seven of them.

They said they couldn't do that so I cancelled the service.  Interesting to note-- they don't send a tech out to take down the dish-- that stays as a sort of advertisement to your neighbors that you use them, even if you don't.

So you send back just the box inside your house.  Account canceled that's the end right?

Nope-- they called me at least four times a week to try and get me back.  Even when I specifically said to remove me from the call list they kept on doing it.

There are offshoots too-- a Credit Card Company offering a rate here, another service selling something else-- all told about 12 calls a week.


Not anymore.

I installed the Mister Number App to my phone (it's available in the Google Play and iTunes stores) and BAM problem eliminated.

Not only does it stop Spam numbers it already knows about-- you can designate ANY call that comes to your phone to a level of defense on your end.

Send it straight to voicemail, hang up on it, block it.

I LOVE THIS APP.   Best of all-- it's either free or 99c I don't remember which.

So buh bye DTV.