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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Essentials for PHONE and iPad THE WAZE & Gavel Snipe

1. WAZE I love WAZE-- it's a great live traffic app that relies on other drivers to report actual happening now traffic conditions.

Driving from Chicago back home last summer this was a life safer.  I strongly advise you pull into a rest stop before using it-- but it's a great FREE app that I consider essential.

Get it in the Apple Store on Google Play.

2. GAVELSNIPE-- If you bid on eBay auctions this is your best friend.  You enter a proxy bid and it bids for you in the final seconds of the auction.  Why is this better than just putting your max bid in eBay directly?

Let's say an item starts at 99c-- you decide it's worth $10.00 to you so you bid $10.00 and end up with the opening bid at 99c with a week left.  Along that week other people now see that there is bidding interest in the item, which drives the price up and eventually you are either outbid, in which case you watch the live close and end up bidding more OR you lose out.

I use Gavelsnipe 99% of the time and about 75% of the time I win the auction at far below my maximum bid.  It also allows me to bid and forget about it so I don't succumb to the higher price enticement of Must Have iT!

Visit Gavelsnipe to try it, also free!