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Friday, November 14, 2014

The Week That Was

This week marked ONE year since my near death experience-- one year ago I was rushed into emergency surgery and the good doctors at UMass pulled me through it.  Kudos to them, they are proof that Worcester Massachusetts has the best medical care in the World.

The Batman 1966 TV Show was finally released on Blu Ray and DVD, thanks in no small part to my bat-buddies Wally Wingert, Ralph Gorman and Johnny Stacks--- all of whom worked tirelessly to sort through the tangled mess of rights that had kept the show from being released officially for thirty plus years.

I can now toss out my blurry but complete bootlegs given to me from Mark Hamill's collection-- Luke Skywalker himself was such a huge fan of the show he got studio masters from Warners or Fox or both and made just a half dozen copies for friends and friends of friends.

I bought not only the Blu Ray but ALSO the DVDs because I'm a psycho and what the hell, I've waited for these forever.

Sailor Moon also was released officially for the first time- that's Veronica's 1966 Batman, the show that got her into comics which lead to a study of art and then a career in comics.

I found a Mandrake Root-- yup, just like Adolf Hitler had at the start of WWII.  These man shaped roots are alleged to give the possessor unlimited power-- and let me tell you I had a pretty good week, so I don't discount anything.

WAM finally put some art up in the education wing-- great to see those walls no longer empty.  As I now head into my final two weeks of classes it's bittersweet.   I miss what is no longer there.  And I'm pretty certain I'll remain in some capacity, I am actively seeking out a position on the Board of Directors and will work behind the scenes with many of my friends who remain there in various positions of power.   I'll just no longer be on the faculty.

So that was my week, I hope yours was just as good.