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Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston Comic Con This Weekend!

Boston Comic Con goes on this weekend, essentially two blocks from the attacks Monday at the Marathon.  Hopefully there will be a salute to REAL heroes there-- those first responders and civilians who ran towards the blast sites to help those who had fallen.

I'm damn proud of my fellow patriots.

But on to the con-- it's all weekend long and I'll be there Saturday representing Emerson College's Graphic Novel online program so if you decide to stop in please say hello.

For those of you not familiar with Comic Cons-- this one is one of the larger ones on the East Coast, second only to the New York Show which runs in the fall-- and it's held at the Hynes Convention Center which is attached the the Pru.

Expect to find a lot of people in costume (although please note due to the situation of the heavy police presence they are restricting costumes which require guns or weapons), a ton of rare DVDs, collectible stuff you never knew you needed, like Captain Kirk Cologne or a Batman Ski Cap, tons of Comic Books both old and new, graphic novels, original comic book art and a whole slew of comic book artists.

They are also bringing in a pair of actors from THE WALKING DEAD, which is itself based on a popular comic book series, Laurie Holden and Lauren Cohan who play Andrea and Maggie respectively.

The show is Saturday 10am - 7pm and Sunday 10am - 5pm and will include comic book bigshots like Mike Mignola, Paul Ryan and Alex and Lindsay Small Butera!