ANDY FISH is a comic book artist

Thursday, March 21, 2013


FREELANCED is a terrific site for freelancers of all type who are looking to expand their client base.  Many of the jobs on there are professional grade, but there are also ones like this that boggle my mind:

A comic book cover runs the pricing range of $300 to multiple thousands, depending on both the creator and the publisher-- but $35??

A comic book cover featuring 4 characters on it-- as described in the listing-- will likely be at least three hours work-- and if a pro was doing it more like 16 hours work.  Which is why the rate is usually much higher.

As of the time I took the screen shot 26 amateurs applied for the job-- how do I know they are amateurs?  Because they applied for a job that will pay about $11/hour-- no pro could ever work for that.

Why should this bother me?   Newcomers need a place to showcase their work right?

Of the 26 applicants-- and I'll bet there will be more by the time it closes--   15 won't be able to get it done or the work will be unusable.  This is because they are amateurs and are forced to work a day job to pay the bills.  The definition of professional is you are paid for the work you are doing, or you make your living doing the vocation being discussed.  Nobody pulling down $11 an hour is a professional.

And that's what this "publisher" will get-- an amateurish piece of work that won't even be worth the $35 they pay.  But I'm anxious to see it.  Sadly, I likely never will.