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Monday, October 1, 2012

TCM This Week! Classic Horror Wednesday!

It's Spencer Tracy movies tonight starting at 8pm but there's not much I can recommend until DANTE'S INFERNO (1935) at 12:30am (okay that's actually tomorrow morning) with Tracy as a Carnival Owner who builds a greedy gambling empire.  A very young Rita Hayworth is dancing in one scene.

A pair of Marx Bros films are on Tuesday starting at 230pm with A NIGHT AT THE OPERA (1935) which is often regarded as their best film-- it's not, that would go to DUCK SOUP, but it's still a great movie and it's followed by A DAY AT THE RACES (1937) at 415pm which is an underrated Marx film.  I love the Bros Marx even though I think they pale in comparison to the Bros Howard-- The Three Stooges.

Wednesday is interesting-- you've got THE PENGUIN POOL MURDER (1932) which is the first of a short lived series featuring schoolteacher Hildegarde Withers and features a strong cast including Robert Armstrong, Mae Clarke and Donald Cook.  It's on at 745am.

THE EX-MRS BRADFORD (1936) is on after that at 9am and answers the question What Would the Thin Man Series be like without Myrna Loy?  You can find out for yourself.  Good cast in this one too including William Powell.

But 8pm is when you should draw the curtains, pop the popcorn and unplug the phone-- it's Classic Horror starting with MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM (1933) with Lionel Atwill and Fay Wray-- this one is startling for it's time.  Follow at at 930pm with DOCTOR X (1932) which features nearly the same cast and same story-- but it's worth sticking around for.
At 11pm is MARK OF THE VAMPIRE (1935) with Bela Lugosi playing a Dracula like vampire which could have been far superior to the Universal Dracula had MGM not chickened out with the ending.
At 12:15am you can see John Carradine take over the role of Dracula in HOUSE OF DRACULA (1945) which is an interesting little programmer and if you like this kind of thing you'll enjoy it.
At 130am is ZOMBIE OF MORA TAU (1957) which is a bit bloated and likely the one that's going to cause you to dose off-- but set the alarm because at 245am is NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968) which is one of the ONLY Zombie movies worth watching, unless you want to mention I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE (1943) which happens to be on right after it at 430am.  So set your DVR or call in sick tomorrow because Wednesday is a great night for movies so it's the MUST SEE PICS PICKS for the WEEK!

Thursday night at 8pm is BOB'S PICKS-- which are movies host Robert Osbourne recommends-- I like Ozzy and I like his taste in movies but I've never heard of any of these except for MARKED WOMAN (1937) and I know he's got a thing for Bette Davis that I don't share-- but it's got Bogie in it and it's on at 130am so give it or any of the other films that night a shot.

Friday looks good too-- you've got MUMMY'S BOYS (1936) on at 630am featuring the comedy duo of Wheeler and Woolsey-- famed cartoonist Brian Nelson is a big fan of the boys so I hope you're reading this buddy.
At 1030am is CURSE OF THE AT PEOPLE (1944) which is inferior to the original but as far as sequels go it's not bad.
At 115pm is I MARRIED A WITCH (1942) which is not a bio pick of marriage but instead a clever little comedy ala Bewitched with the lovely Veronica Lake.
CURSE OF THE DEMON (1958) is on at 245pm and it's a good solid movie.
CURSE OF THE MUMMY'S TOMB (1964) is on at 430pm and it's decent for a Hammer film-- I'm going to write a post soon about why I find Hammer far inferior but that's a topic for another day.

MEET JOHN DOE (1941) is on at 12:15am, it's sentimental and corny but it's a great movie.

Saturday's got RETURN OF THE WHISTLER (1948) at 1045am in a series that seems like it might never end, and The Essentials with Robert Osbourne and the girl from ET is CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND (1977) which as a kid I found only slightly less boring than 2001 A Space Odyssey -- SLIGHTLY.