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Monday, September 24, 2012


Thursday SUSPICION (1941) is on at 8am, it's one of Hitchcock's best and if he'd gone with the original ending it would have been unsurpassed-- it's followed by MURDER MY SWEET (1944) at 945am with Dick Powell as Phil Marlowe in an adaption of Farewell My Lovely.

At 415pm is THE BAT (1959) which is a hoaky haunted house type movie with Vincent Price and Agnes Moorehead, don't let the cast fool you, this is a crappy movie but it's one that I find entertaining anyway and I like it the more I watch it.

HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES (1959) is on at 545pm with Peter Cushing giving Sherlock Holmes a go-- and he's not bad.

Mack Sennet comedies are on from 8pm on-- if you like these things (I don't) you might get a laugh out of it.  I find them pathetically boring.

SECRET OF THE WHISTLER (1946) is on Saturday at 1045am-- and FOUR FEATHERS (1939) is on at Midnight-- it's a movie a lot like GUNGA DIN but with a bit more to it.