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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hello September!

A Great White off the beach in Chatham
September is one of my favorite months-- something I could never imagine as a kid-- as I was one of those who didn't favor school whence it resumed after the Summer break.

But September has since become a good friend-- it holds the Fall season, the birth of my oldest son (Happy Birthday Matt!) and the winding days of Summer, making me appreciate the dying warm days. It's also a period where I have no classes and only workshops to contend with, and it means the start of College Football.  This year I bought Seasons Tickets to Holy Cross Football-- at an incredible bargain price for all home games and I'm looking forward to enjoying some serious Crusader football.

It's hard to forget Sept 11th, though-- and I am one of those wack-jobs who will never forget.  I won't forget 12.7.41 either, when our country is attacked I tend to remember it.  And my thoughts are with all of those who serve to protect our freedoms.