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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Studio is Ready to Go

Main Area (R) and smaller work station (L)
Spent the last three days cleaning out my studio-- oh man.
I tend to work in clutter and it only gets worse-- but this time it got to the point that I was ready to call a dumpster to get the plethora of books, reference material and art supplies out of here.

I removed my sit-down desk and Captain Kirk Chair and built this large work table that I can either sit at with a tall chair or stand at (as I like to do most of the time).  My drawing table is up high enough too that I can stand at it.

It's preferable to stand-- I can work 12 hour days and I don't want to turn to a lump of jelly sitting in a chair that long.  I have heavy cushioned mats and a lot of room to move around.

After nearly 36 straight hours I got it to where it's so much better.  It's not perfect, if I want it perfect then I unleash Veronica on it but the sacrifice there will be I won't be able to find anything -- but maybe it gets to that.

This time I'm going to try hard to avoid piles.  REALLY really hard.

Now it's on to DRACULA-- I'm planning on it being completely done in 30 days.  Freelance might get in the way, but that's the goal.