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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

And The Summer Winds Down

Last week I wrapped 6 straight weeks of full time classes at the Worcester Art Museum-- I've written before about how much I enjoy working with these high school students, many of whom are going on to art school next year or the year after.

The classes are intense, slightly serious but designed to be fun.

Natasha, Michela (and Kellie painting in the background)
We covered everything from conceptual sketches to layering paint techniques to working in Mixed Media.  Over the six weeks I've worked with some 120 different students (and a few who were with me for all of it).

I really enjoy it, but with Summer also comes the Summer workshops we do all over the state, which found us in Duxbury, Natick, Manchester, Florence, Springfield, Dover, Medford, Marlborough, Dedham and quite a few others teaching art and comics to another 300+ students which sometimes makes for 12-16 hour days for us-- which leaves little time for our own work.

So this week, Monday and Tuesday we're knocking off projects right and left and then Wednesday ho we're leaving on a short vacation to wrap the Summer (which includes a workshop or two).

When we're back I plan on finishing Dracula and helping Veronica dialogue Frankenstein.  Plenty of Universal Monster Movies on in the background while we work.

I'm ready to say Goodbye to Summer and Hello to my best friend-- Fall.  I've got my Holy Cross Season Tickets ready and can't wait for the first game next week.