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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The World is Full of Idiots.

I love Amazon, and I've written about this before-- I love them because you can read reviews of products before you buy it.  There is no comparison to standing in a store listening to the sales pitch of a commission salesman.  The reviews are from people who (for the most part) have bought the item.

BUT-- and this is a big but-- YOU need to actually READ the reviews, don't just look at the stars, as this one shows:

Here's the product a 1lb rubber weight ball.

I have three of these-- they are great, not only as stress balls but as exercise balls.  I've even used them to play catch.  Absolutely great.  Bought my first one in Japan-- and on another trip back I took one with me to use on the plane and got pulled out of airport security when it showed up in my coat as a solid black circle in the X-Ray (they are filled with metal sand).

Now if I review this product-- should I give it one star because it got me pulled out of airport security?  No of course not.  The product is great, I was an idiot for leaving it in my coat and not thinking it wouldn't get flagged.

But that doesn't stop some people from leaving one star reviews for idiotic reasons:

"My husband bought one of these at Big 5 sporting goods. He had it for about two weeks. He used a hand bicycle pump to inflate it. A ten year old girl was holding it (not squeezing it, just holding it) and it blew up, throwing metal fragments in her face. Why on earth did they put metal inside this thing??? It felt like coarse sand but it stuck to a magnet when we were trying to clean up the mess. This could have been a horrible accident if that stuff had gotten into someone's eyes."

What were they thinking?? 1. why would you inflate it?  2. what did you think it was filled with?  Candy?

So use Amazon to make smart buying choices, but READ the reviews to weed out the ones like this.