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Thursday, February 12, 2015

How We're Holding Up in the Ridiculous Winter

I have friends all over the world-- and they are often asking how we're holding up in this Winter in a Month whirlwind that is Central Massachusetts.

We had virtually NO snow all winter long-- in fact it was 48 degrees on Christmas Eve and none of us were complaining.  LAST year we got hammered starting around Halloween and carrying on through April so we thought maybe Mother Nature was going to spare us.

Nope.  Nopee.  No sireee.  In LESS than ONE month we got 90 inches of snow.  Each snowstorm delivering a minimum of 18inches with one dropping over three feet.  I know, you really have to be stupid to live here.

We've shoveled out trenches to walk the dog and except for the occasional attack from the Empire we're holding up.  It's nearly impossible to navigate around snow banks and it IS impossible to walk anywhere.  You will not make it if you walk-- it's that simple.

So I've got my brochures out.  A plan in place to take over the commitments I have here so that we can be responsible real estate owners and we're looking at where we are going to relocate to.  I know, I know, EVERYONE in this area gripes about this in the winter but then never does anything about it-- well, we are.

Here's the list of prospective new homescapes, in no particular order.

1. Somewhere in Arizona.  No time zone change.  I like their spirit.
2. Portland Oregon.  Spent many a summer there as a yout.  I like the vibe.
3. Austin, Texas.  We loved our visit to Austin.   Great people, a BAT bridge and a slogan to Keep Austin Weird.  What's not to love?
4. Seattle, Washington.  Ehhhhhh.  Not bad but eehhhhhhh.
5. Los Angeles, California. 
6. San Diego, California - hey, we'll be there already for the con!
7. San Francisco, California-- it's about 66 degrees year round.  I'll risk the Earthquake.
8. Tokyo, Japan-- yup a wild card.  Tokyo is my favorite city in the world-- and it can never get old, but it CAN get cold.
9. Somewhere in New Mexico-- love the desert.

That's my list-- one of them will be it.  I'm a man of my word.