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Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Shaving-- ugh.  I hate it.
I hate it because sometimes it's painful-- sometimes I'm out of blades-- and the worst?  Buying a new razor.
You buy the newest fancy dancy razor and it's only $12 and it even comes with an extra blade set! Wooo!  But then you buy some extra blades to go with it and BAM-- $27 for a pack of four.  AND when you go back to the store to buy some blades suddenly every razor looks like the other one and you don't know which blades to buy so you end up buying another razor for $12-- and man does it ever end??

Sure it would be no big deal, but do you really want to fill a landfill with your old used razors?  And how many good shaves do you get out of those new style blades?

Here's the solution;


Weishi 9306-c New Mithril Double Edge Safety Razor with 5 YJL Blades

This is the nicest razor I've shaved with in a long time-- and it's $13.
It's got good weight and it's a simple butterfly style razor so you can buy the straight edge blades in a pack of 50 for less than the price of a 4 pack of razors.  And these last a lot longer

I also use a shaving brush-- which experts will tell you is the best way to apply shaving cream to your face, the brush actually adds air to the mixture making it foamier and causing the hair to stand up better on your face.

I use a simple badger brush (also $13 on amazon) a dollar store mug and I did buy a stand for both to keep things neat.

In the course of a year I did the math out and you save close to $200,000 using this razor.*

So jump on, take the plunge, go back to the razor that despite being recommended by Pawn Star vet Rick (he recommends a cheaper plastic one, this one is cheaper and metal), this does actually work!

*My math might be off a bit, but you will save money.