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Thursday, January 22, 2015


Final chance to sign up-- class starts this Monday!

Part ONE-- It'll be a foundation class, we'll be building the fundamental skills you need to continue successfully on your way to completing your own comic book or graphic  novel.

So for this first class, starting at the end of January, we'll begin with intensive figure drawing workshops.

Each class will meet six weeks ONLINE and then TWO face to face sessions for a total of Eight Classes.

The final session, in the Fall, will meet the opposite way-- the first two will be face to face and the remaining six sessions will meet online.

Nice thing about an online class? It eliminates travel-- if you find you can't work in the comfort of your home, take your laptop or tablet to a coffee shop with a solid wi-fi connection and make a night of it.

You can participate at your leisure in the comfort of your own home or studio.  You can attend the "Live" session each Monday at 6pm or you can catch up with the class via the blog that will accompany it.  This allows you to continue your studies despite hectic work schedules.

Same goes for the Face to Face portion- if you can't make that you can still log in and follow along.
Descriptions follow;  Sign Up information at the bottom of the post.

Part I-  WINTER - Foundation 8wks  Jan 26 - Mar 30  (No class Feb 16th and Mar 9) $190
Jan 26 - Mar 16 - Online Classroom
March 23 & March 30th - Face to Face Class Location TBD  Mar 23rd includes a model for figure drawing.

Foundation involves extensive figure drawing and body language.  But don't misunderstand that-- it's not about learning how to draw realistically, it's about learning how to make figures work in whatever style you're using.
After figure drawing and body language we will move into facial structure and expression.   A lengthy look at CAPTURING emotion regardless of your style will encompass a good portion.  How to tell your story with pictures only (i.e. GET LESS WORDY) is also covered.

We will also parallel a lesson on the evolution of the comics industry with some limited amount of reading (don't worry-- it's comic books not WAR AND PEACE), because by looking at the creators from the Golden Age we can learn how the art form developed and grew.

Part II- SPRING Thumbnails and Pages-  8wks Apr 13 - Jun 15 (No class Apr 20 & May 25) $190
Apr 13 - Jun 1 - Online Classroom
Jun 8 & Jun 15 - Face to Face Location TBD

The Incredible importance of Thumbnails and Penciling-- figuring it out BEFORE you start taking the pages to finish.  Taking your plot or script and breaking it down into effective pacing.
Section of creative productivity-- how to work smarter and faster.
We will continue our study of the evolution of the comics industry with a look at the era post WWII when Horror Comics took over eventually leading to the birth of the Comics Code and the Silver Age.

Part III- Pages SUMMER Schedule 4 wks*  Jun 29, Jul 13, 20, 27th $95
Spotting blacks and inking.  Making your pages look (correctly) finished.  Giving them weight, balance, texture and impact.  
Heavy Convention schedule-- it might be fun to attend Boston Comic Con as a group.  We'll see logistically how to make this happen.
Jun 29-Jul 13th Live Online Class
Jul 27th - Live Face To Face

Part IV - Lettering & Publishing FALL 8 wks  Sept 14- Nov 2 $190
1st week Live demonstration of lettering
2nd week continuing Live with SFX Lettering & Cover Design
3rd week on online Classes closing out with cover design critique, marketing & publishing demonstrations.  How to price your book, how to publish your book for no money.  Digital Publishing options and techniques.

Class is running-- we only have one opening left for the first session.
If you have ANY questions, suggestions or comments give me a shout.

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