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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Da Blog

I'm back on this blog with a new commitment.
For the New Year-- here's how it breaks down;

Random Postings- New Comics in the Studio-- I collect Gold and Silver Age comics and display them in my studio on the walls-- I change the displays every week and I'll put them up here-- you'll see some great art here.

Mondays- MOVIE MONDAY-- Straight from YouTube comes some of the best old time movies and movie serials that I personally recommend.

Tuesday- Money Saving Ideas-- I recommended you switch over to Page Plus to save you tons of money on your cell phone bill-- well I've got a LOT of other ideas and I'll get into them here.  ALL of them I put into practice and ALL of them WORK!

Wednesday- Since this is new comics day across the globe I'll be posting an old Golden Age book for you to read-- completely free and on me.

Thursday- Variety Day;
MOVE REVIEWS FOR MOVIES I HAVEN'T SEEN - Hollywood keeps putting out drek that is so predictable you don't have to see it, and neither do I-- but I'll review them anyway!
ON THE DRAWING BOARD - When I can, I'll show you what I'm working on!
THINGS TO SEE- Stuff that's interesting to look it.
In other words-- all kinds of stuff on Thursdays!

Friday, Saturday & Sunday - A new installment of the thrilling BATMAN Daily Comic Strip from the 1940s!  Six episodes to keep you on the edge of your seat.