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Friday, October 31, 2014

WAM- BAM! That's how it ends.

Students in my group last year at Art All State
I've gotten some emails from many former students regarding my current tenure at WAM;

I'll get into it further when I have the time or inclination-- this is after all MY blog and I can write what I want here.  None of what I've written or what I will write is slanderous, in fact I have two lawyers and a district judge who offer me the courtesy of reading it so I'm confident in my words here.  I also thank my friends in New York who keep me abreast of conversations regarding my writings.

Yesterday WAM requested a meeting and stated it's concern that I was becoming disgruntled and asked that we part ways at the end of this semester rather than at my previously given July 2015 notice.  I expressed a concern for leaving my students who had committed to a year long program with me and I was assured they will work something out with them.

Rather than wait, I will contact those students on my own and hold classes elsewhere.  I continue to wish the museum no ill will, and hope instead that they recognize the mistakes in course they are making and take additional steps to correct them.

We need to serve the community, and that community includes other creative venues, non-profits and educational organizations and institutions.    We should embrace those entities, not push them away.

We should recognize our strengths, but more importantly, our weaknesses.

Rest assured.   More soon.