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Thursday, October 30, 2014


My good friend Doreen Manning sent me this pic the other day, taken at Greasy's Garage on Hamilton Street in Worcester. 

This is a print I did a few years ago which features King Kong surrounded by flying Mini-Coopers piloted by Pete, Tom, Dave, John and the rest of the crew at that garage.  I did it for laughs but it's gotten a lot of attention lately including mention on a documentary about the Coop.

The point of my post?  If you need a good mechanic, an honest mechanic, and even if you don't have a Mini Cooper I'd strongly suggest you visit Pete at Greasy's Garage at 143 Hamilton Street.  I've been with them for the past seven or so years and will be with them as long as I'm still here in the Woo.

They are the best., and so is my buddy Doe.