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Monday, October 13, 2014

Go Hero's DOC SAVAGE 1/6 Figure

One of my primary reasons for going to New York Comic Con 2014 this past weekend was to visit the GOHERO booth to see their latest offerings in person.  They have the license to such amazing properties as an Adam West action figure, The Rocketman (inspiration for The Rocketeer) otherwise known as Commando Cody, The Shadow, The Spider and this latest offering;


For those of you who don't know, good Ol' Doc was the inspiration for Superman and The Fantastic Four-- that's how amazing Doc is.  The figure comes with two different shirts and two different heads so you can display him either as the classic 60s James Bama style paintings (as I have here) or as the Golden Age figure who was a bit more polished.

How I got one of the figures when they aren't even in America yet I cannot say, but got one I did and I opted for the Bama head for my initial display but I plan on putting the extra head on another Go Hero body I have and creating a permanent Golden Age version too.

These figures are spectacular works of art, with real metal guns, actual leather like boots and an attention to detail you will not find with many action figure companies.

GO HERO!  They are the best!