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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Importance of Being Treated Well

Working in the studio, especially on deadline, can lead to countless hours inside-- so we like to take a break and grab lunch out in the real world.

We decided to go to the Boynton on Highland Street which has an out of this world Turkey Sandwich and an almost equally great Buffalo Chicken Burger-- BUT-- and this is a big but-- it's also got a wait staff that is made up of a lot of ornery middle aged and older waitresses.  I've eaten there no less than a dozen times and EACH and EVERY time I get some kind of attitude.

In case you think it's me (and of course it certainly might be), once I asked for a Diet Coke after my food arrived and the waitress replied:

"(Gasp) You said you just wanted water."

I did, I changed my mind.

Another time when the waitress took our drink order I asked for a damp cloth because the table felt sticky--

"That's just how they are."  She said and walked away.  She must have sensed my coming response because when she returned her mood was much brighter and she went in depth to explain that it was the varnish on the tables that made them feel constantly sticky.  That's a great selling point because we all like to feel like we're eating on a movie theater floor as we have our dinner.

Compare that to the less pretensive Gold Star Restaurant about 10 blocks away-- The staff is always friendly and quick to get your order.  The selection and prices are outstanding and Spiro the owner is always there to man the register and make sure your visit was good.

As we paid our bill I asked him for a Corn Muffin to go-- he put it in a bag and told me it was on him.
That small gesture goes a long way towards building good client relations, and one that I won't forget.