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Monday, February 10, 2014

It's a Classic Batman Fan's Year: BATMAN BENDY

In 2012 WB and 20th Century Fox announced they had come to an agreement about the merchandising rights to the classic Batman TV Series starring Adam West.

This is a show that had been in a quagmire of rights issues since it stopped airing in 1968.  Forever in syndication, it's been one of the most requested shows at the TVSHOWSONDVD website.

The release of licensed merchandise signaled a break in the negotiations and in early 2014 they announced the show would be coming out on DVD and Blu Ray.

As a classic Adam West fan I am happy with this-- I've gotten some great stuff and this week I'll highlight some of the ridiculous merchandise you don't need but must have.

First up, this great Bendie figure from the fine folks at NJCroce!