ANDY FISH is a comic book artist

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Year Without A (24 Hour) Comic Challenge

This is the first year the Worcester Art Museum skipped the 24 Hour Comics Challenge since taking it over around 2007 for the area of The Big Woo-- honestly, as much as there was disappointment from some of the previous participants, and had I known there was a real strong interest I would have pushed for it, it was nice to skip it this year.

I'd just wrapped up DRACULA'S ARMY, and I'm knee deep in cover and interior illustrations for the terrific pulp folks at Airship 27, teaching a class on comics to a bunch of veterans and a few rookies at WAM (all very talented) and of course EMERSON COLLEGE ONLINE COMICS COURSE which is growing every semester so the idea of spending 24 hours doing a comic book just seemed a bit much to me.

Maybe next year kids, maybe next year.