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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Goodbye Japan...for now

That's the trip.
I leave first thing in the morning for Tokyo, a quick meeting and then it's on to Toronto with us arriving in Boston around 7pm local time.
I'm going to miss my brother and his wife, it's been great seeing them.

I'm going to miss the streets and the routine that's been my last few weeks here.  I'll miss Piago, CafeGusto, the pancakes at Downeys, Osu, Matsuya and the great Katan Sushi places we've hit.
On our last full day we visited Gateway in Shiogama Guchi, about a six mile walk round trip and man was it worth it. More on this magical little shop when I'm back in the states.

Monday I'm back into class schedules at WAM and prep for my upcoming class at Emerson.  I'm also loaded with projects including a cover for Airship 27,  work on their Houdini project, the graphic novel Sinistre and a few other projects and commissions I can't talk about yet.

2014 is going to be a busy year, and I'll be back in Japan soon.  Already planning another visit either in 12 or 15 months.