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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Traveling In Japan 7- Cheap Food

Finding cheap (and good) food in Japan's cities is relatively easy.  There are markets everywhere that offer a huge variety of prepare it yourself or ready to eat food at under 300Y.  Consider a yen to be a penny and you'll be able to keep things straight in your head.

At Piago Department Store I was able to get a loaf of bread for 78Y, a huge pack of bamboo shoots for 18Y and a package of raw chicken (enough for 3 people) for 105Y at the nearby Lawson 100 Yen Store.  Lawson is awesome, something of a 22 hour store, a dollar store, a hardware store and sellers of charcoal grilled HOT sweet potatoes at the register.  SUNKUS is a rival market more in line with our 7 Elevens (and those are here too) who sell hot steamed buns at the register, yesterday we got one (100Y) with a pizza filling.  It was very pizza ish, sauce a bit more like Chef Boyardee but still very good and great on a cold day.

There's a little diner in Hirabari which has a neat ordering system like a vending machine when you walk in, then a waitress brings your order.  The most expensive thing on the menu was about 600Y with many things under 200.

I got a curry dish with rice and soup and strips of razor thin beef for 520Y while Veronica got a beautiful salad, soup, poached egg and some kind of beef rice for 300Y.

Secret photo above of the little diner on the inside, this is my kind of place!  Delicious food, nothing fancy and crazy cheap!