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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Japanese TV

Japanese TV is a lot like CNN and THE VIEW combined on steroids.
Stuff is flashing at you, hosts are present on shows that last hours, and there is often a panel of commentators who might be there because they are a cross dresser or a westerner (term for Jon Japanese) who happens to be fluent in Japanese.

Currently I'm watching Japanese survivor which seems more like the Amazing Race but without the race part, teams stand around a lot.  It appears the last challenge was to find their way out of an apartment building at a slow a d reasonable manner, all while a live studio audience watches and responds, think of it like a laugh track but with a lot of "ehs" in it.  The Japanese would love Canada, eh?

The commercials are my favorite part.

Tons of animation and wacky characters, it seems everyone has a cute mascot.