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Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas In Japan (Osu specifically)

Christmas in Japan adapts many of the traditions we American's are used to.  Christmas carols and beloved (as well as dreaded) Christmas Songs play everywhere you go-- signs remind you to buy your Christmas stuff and you play rock paper scissors against Santa at the mall while Rudolph comments on the battle with his portable microphone and a young woman dressed as an elf provides music on her saxaphone.

If you win, you get a big bag of snacks, if you lose you get a little snack.

And if you're American the Reindeer will come to you and ask you if you'd like to seek revenge if your wife loses the rock paper scissors battle.

Osu is Nagoya's crazy shopping district, home to Mandarake (Rulers of Time and Toys) and literally hundreds of different shops and food stands.

I was able to get a Taiyaki (the pancake fish I showed a few posts ago filled with red bean) this time filled with Custard, and it was so good I'm willing to jump on the subway to go eleven stops to get another one right now.