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Monday, November 25, 2013

Why? Where do you keep your. Matthias? WAM is alive and well!

Matthias Waschek is the new director at WAM, well in car and bride terms he's far from new, but in museum terms where things are aged based on a sliding scale of centuries he is.  Veronica and I are firmly in his camp, yes he's made some changes and I know we all don't like changes, but along with audience engagement guru Adam Rozen we love the energy and the enthusiasm at WAM.  If you've been there before and thought it was a bit stuffy, give it another go.  Big things are happening, and Worcester finally has a museum that is not only world class (it always has been) but now one that understands pop art and the excitement of appealing to a broader and sometimes younger demographic.

I'm not one to filter myself, and anyone who knows me how bored I was by one of our biggest events of a few years ago that brought in furniture from the 17th and 18th centuries and filled the galleries on opening night with so many old ladies I felt like I was at the blue plate special at Foxwoods.

I like old ladies and appreciate good furniture but there is a lot to be said about openings that run from 6-11pm rather than the standard 5-8 which had been the norm at WAM for as long as I've been there.

The last opening featured a broad range of live music ranging from classical chamber to a typewriter orchestra that was amazing to watch, and they seemed like they had a ball performing.  And the music of Big Jon Short greeted visitors well past the time he was scheduled to perform amidst a host of food trucks all on Lancaster Street.

The Worcester Art museum is more than alive and well, its thriving! and you should check it out.

And yes, the picture is of our mini Matthias which we take turns hiding throughout our house, in this case he rests in our chopstick holders.