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Monday, November 11, 2013


Whoa!  JAWS (1975) is on tonight at 8pm, while I hate to call it a classic, it certainly is-- I just don't like to think of movies that have been released during my lifetime obtaining classic status.   It's the story of a small town sheriff who hates the water and his hunt for a killer shark!

LADY FROM SHAGHAI (1948) is on at 1115pm and it's a really good movie that COULD have been great, it SHOULD have been great, and it's actually KIND of great-- it's just for some reason Orson Welles decided he needed to have a sort of Irish brogue and he made his wife Rita Hayworth cut her dark hair and bleach it blonde-- just two oddball choices in a movie that grows on me every time I see it.  I won't be seeing it now, since I no longer have cable or satellite but I can always watch the DVD can't I?

STAGE DOOR (1937) is on Saturday just after midnight-- and that's a really great if somewhat stagey film-- but still powerful today.

THE GOODBYE GIRL (1977) is on Sunday at 6pm and it's movie choices like that from my favorite channel that finally led me to say GOODBYE to my satellite service-- I wouldn't watch this mush if you paid me, so I'll put in a Clint Eastwood western instead, but you watch it and keep a box of tissues handy, okay?