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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Svengoolie! The Classic Horror Host is Still With Us!

One of the best programs on ME-TV is SVENGOOLIE-- and starting this week I'm going to spotlight the movie he's showing each and every Thursday (Saturday this week because I just thought of it) on the ol' Bloggie.

Svengoolie is a very polished version of the old horror hosts like 56's CREATURE DOUBLE FEATURE and THE GHOUL back in the day.

Sven not only offer's skits between commercial breaks but real trivia which adds to the enjoyment of the movie-- and best of all Sven shows Universal Monsters films, so no wasteland of bad public domain prints of movies no one wants to see again-- as is the case with the other horror hosts who are still with us.

Check him out-- it's a fun show and they show some great movies.

This week:  FRANKENSTEIN (1931) with Boris Karloff and Colin Clive.  Clive stars as Henry Frankenstein who is drummed out of his medical school because of his research involving the creation of a man from the parts of assorted dead folks.  It still holds up today and is a must see pic!