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Saturday, November 16, 2013

How I've Been Surviving Without Satellite or Cable

It actually hasn't been that hard.
YOUTUBE has a ton of movies, TV shows and actual things you want to watch-- who knew?  I watched several episodes of Get Smart as well as some Charlie Chan films there.  FREE.

HULU PLUS ($8/mo) has many many many first run TV Shows as well as a WHOLE collection of CRITERION films-- which if you're a movie buff fills your heart with happiness.

NETFLIX ($8/mo) streaming is the way to go, I gave up the discs a long time ago.  A lot to choose from.

AMAZON PRIME ($40/year) I get a discount thanks to my edu email address, and not only do I get packages delivered in two days or less, I get to choose from thousands of streaming movies-- a lot of which are also Netflix offered, so if you're trying to budget you might want to opt for this instead of the big Red Flix.

ANTENNA ($12 on Amazon) I pick up about fifteen channels including Me-TV which is the best channel on TV right now as far as I'm concerned.

AEREO ($8/mo) Allows you to watch over the air channels that might not be available in your area.  I get about fifteen channels more via this option than I do with the straight antenna, and I can also record TV and College football right here.  So it's a keeper!

So buying all of these services amounts to $328 a year VS my satellite bill which amounted to $720 for the most basic package.