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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dear Gilly Man, How do I watch ME-TV?

Dear GG-Man, I read Andy's blog post about Me-TV with all the great shows like F-TROOP, MARY TYLER MOORE, MASH, BATMAN, LOST IN SPACE, WILD WILD WEST, DRAGNET, GET SMART and so many more.  I'm so jealous-- my cable provider doesn't carry it-- what can I do?

The wise man understands there are such things as sub-channels, in fact, FOX just launched a sub channel called MOVIES that shows nothing but classic movies.  All of these sub channels can be obtained through the air with a simple table top antenna, just as your parents had when you were but a child.

One can also get the AERIO Subscription in certain markets which allows you to watch over the air television on your tablet or streaming device for a nominal fee.  It also gives you the option of recording  the programs you will be unable to watch for viewing at your leisure.

It is the future of television effendi!