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Thursday, October 31, 2013

This is Halloween....DigiWAM Style!

As I reported here earlier-- my year long group of students at DigiWAM (Digital Worcester Art Museum class on video game design and production) decided to create a giant 3D puppet of a character we created.

I've posted the previous process shots earlier in the week.

We began the process of detailing the head and attaching it to the body.

As well as connecting the giant hands (which we would discover a small flaw with later on).

Jackson was almost killed by the CD encased brain which was more than slightly laser sharp as we eased it down from the second floor to the outside area.

But we managed to get it outside in mostly one piece.

We found a spot in the front yard and only then realized...

...we have two left hands!

Using the lamps from WAM's front yard gave him a spooky look-- and we had plenty of cars give us a honking approval as well as a few who stopped to take pictures.

The team manned the creature and began waving and opening and closing its jaws, which would lead to more honking.

The team assembled!  They worked hard and did a fantastic job!

When crossing streets it's good to know giant skull creatures do use the cross walk.

Happy Halloween!!