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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Business Card Design

As a graphic designer the hardest thing is usually designing your own cards.
I can tell you 80% of the time when the cards arrive I find 50 things wrong with them and things I should have done better and then they go into a huge pile of biz card boxes in my studio.

The other trouble is contact info changes, sometimes unexpectedly sometimes out of need.

Previous cards...

From 2007 an oldie but a goodie.  The figure is reworked from PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE-- I used this card for years, but one of the troubles is that I don't do a lot of freelance graphic design and I do even less website design (Unless its for myself).  The original version had the website as, which was our original site before we forgot to renew it and had it taken.

No loss, just reworked the card to the newer

Next up in late 2008 came this little seen baby-- mainly because I never really liked it.  I might rework it for but as far as my own cards this one just never appealed all that much to me, but as you'll see the vertical card would be a pretty common thread.

This one might have come before the robot card, only because it's just dated late 2008 and I think I like it even less.  The image is one of my pieces cut to detail, but it still lists graphic design and websites which makes me think it was a short jump from the PLAN 9 card to the Robot.

This one utilized my DR GROOD piece but the verbage on the card was weak at best-- this has since been reworked as an alternate to my regular card (posted at the end).  It has our short lived studio phone listed.

This is probably my most regular card, but to be honest, based on my LUCHA GUNMEN piece, the guns make certain groups nervous.  Normally I don't care, but in business you can't offend a potential client-- still being stubborn I stuck with it a long time.  We've since decided to shut down since we are now Fish and Fish and each have our own websites, so this needed a revamp too.

And option B for business cards:

While this new design has verbage I can live with I'm not loving the CMYK color drop from the original RGB, and it doesn't really display any of my work-- this was a fun piece for sure but it really doesn't show much.

So this was my final choice-- it combines a few images of different art-- although honestly I liked this joke version I sent to Veronica for approval and suggested changes.

I like babies.
Babies sell, right?
Wasn't sure if people would think the Samurai was about to lop the babies head off-- and I'm not sure I care if they think that, but I opted to drop the baby.

But who knows, I may bring him back.