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Monday, August 19, 2013

TCM This Week

Westerns all day today-- CJ set your DVR and you can't miss on any of these.

Tuesday at 430 is GEORGE WASHINGTON SLEPT HERE (1942) which is a neat little comedy and much appreciated by anyone who's ever done home improvement.  It's the MONEY PIT of its day.

Friday is Elizabeth Taylor day-- great if you are a fan-- I myself am not so I'll pass.  But if you are going to give one a shot try NATIONAL VELVET (1944) because I think it has Roddy McDowall too.

10PM on Saturday is THE MORE THE MERRIER (1943) which is one of my favorite movies of all time.  Don't even ask me about it, just watch it-- 'cause you gotta keep up with what's goin' on.