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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What are Friends? Real friends?

Dear Gilly
I believe that eventually EVERYONE let's you down.  Wouldn't you say that is true?

My friend;
Further words could never be spoken from the truth!
While many would let us down and disappoint us through the years not everyone will succumb to this fate of 1000 snakes.
A true friend does not let you down, and would rather impale themself on the sharp edge of Buddha than to do so.

You will find as you travel through life's journey that you will encounter many many people you will call friend.
Some are born of proximity, some of similar interest, but very few will ever really achieve the role of true friend.

Because those are the ones who would never let you down, who are always there for you despite misgivings, who question not your motives and trust in your judgement.

They are the people who deserve to be deemed friend.