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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Return of Adam Bomb!

Codename: ADAM BOMB marks my return to a character I created WAAAAY back in 1998 with my old buddy Tony Antetomaso-- we put out a series of comic books and even launched a webstrip starring Adam and his band of oddball superheroes and spies.

After some consideration and with advancements in digital comics applications I've decided to bring him back.  This is the first page of the new series.

The process to create the page is pretty straightforward:

I "pencil" the page out loosely in Photoshop using a brush with light gray color set to an opacity of about 40%-- the opacity gives it a lighter looser feel so I can build up my lines.  I'm working on a Cintiq tablet here.

Next I import the pencil drawing into MANGA STUDIO EX which allows me to create these smooth vivid lines-- I'm sure Photoshop can do that too but I've given up trying to accomplish it there and Manga Studio is a great program.

From there it's back into Photoshop where I do the straightlines of the background and spot in the blacks for the piece.  I also add a translucent layer of white like tracing paper over the original illustration so that I can see the letters against the black areas.  I letter at this stage to make sure I'm leaving enough room for everything I have to say.

When I'm finished I remove the tracing paper layer and complete a few last details like bricks.  From here it'll be off to Veronica for coloring and that's the process!