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Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy July! This week on TCM!

I've got a crazy busy Summer so expect some pretty lame posts (lamer than usual) but I promise you there will be something new up here everyday.

Sometimes just a picture, sometimes some jibberish.  But something.

But back to TCM--

NORTHERN PURSUIT is on today at 315pm-- its a WWII era Warner Bros thriller with Errol Flynn chasing Nazi's in Canada-- I like it a lot.

At 8pm they are starting a series showing either episodes or segments from The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson-- I like Johnny as much as the next fella but this seems like the sign of something bad for my favorite channel-- as I don't see how this equates to classic movies at all.

At 8pm Tuesday is IN OUR TIME (1944) which is another WWII propaganda film that has enough drama in it to keep you paying attention-- its one of those movies if you start watching it you'll stay with it.  More than I can say for 90% of the drek released today.

8pm on Friday is THE 400 BLOWS which is a stunner from Francois Truffaut about a boy who turns to crime.  It's a nail biter.

Saturday has THE GHOST SHIP (1943) on at 6am, which is a fun little Richard Dix movie.
The Falcon goes to San Francisco at 1045am and those are always good.

THE BLOB (1958) is on at 130pm with Steve McQueen getting blobbed on.

The Essentials this week is KEY LARGO (1948) and for once it's a great pick.  Bogie is staying at Bacall's family hotel in the Florida Keys during Hurricane Season, and so is gangster Edward G Robinson in his last great gangster role.  It's directed by John Huston who made movies the way most people have bar fights.

This one is a winner and its the MUST SEE pick of the week.