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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bob Kane!

Co- Creator of Batman!
There is a lot of press about dear old Bob, how much of it is true depends on who you listen to.  Some of it may be based on the jealousy many creators felt because Kane had the foresight to show the contract he originally signed in 1939 to a family friend who was an attorney.

As you read here a couple of weeks ago, the creators of Superman essentially signed away their rights to that character in return for a regular paycheck, and were summarily fired some ten years after the first one.

Kane arranged a deal where he not only retained a portion of ownership of the character of Batman but also that his name would ALWAYS appear on the credit page.  This lead to Kane staying on the title for nearly thirty years, although he himself drew very little of these adventures, choosing instead to use a series of talented ghost artists including Jerry Robinson, Dick Sprang and Shelley Moldoff.

Kane also failed to recognize the contributions of his good friend and writing partner Bill Finger until after Fingers death in abject poverty during the mid 70s.

Regardless of his actual contribution to the strip he is the creator  and that is what we acknowledge here today.