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Monday, June 17, 2013

This Week on TCM!

HOLIDAY is on Wednesday at 8pm-- this 1938 comedy makes fun of uptight society type people.  I don't like uptight society people and yet I like them better than the riff raff that shop at Wal*Mart in their dirty sweat pants so maybe that's why I have no friends.  Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn would be my friends.

DOUBLE INDEMNITY (1944) is on Friday at 1115pm and boy oh boy is that a movie.  It's the must see PICK PIC of the week-- Fred MacMurray is a sleazy insurance salesman whose not as slick as he thinks who gets mixed up with no good Babs Stanwyck in a plot to off her husband and collect a big insurance payout.

It's crazier than a carload of monkeys.

Saturday at 1015pm is the Gregory Peck version of MOBY DICK from the 50s-- I've never seen it but I like the movie its remade from with John Barrymore so maybe its good, maybe its not.