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Monday, May 20, 2013


OUR MAN FLINT (1966) is on tonight at 8pm, it's James Coburn as an american James Bond.  It's followed by a series of other american spy spoofs from the 60s.

Tuesday at 615pm is MR AND MRS SMITH (1941) which is a delightful little Hitchcock comedy.
LITTLE CAESAR (1930) is on at 8pm while THE PETRIFIED FOREST (1936) at 930pm.   It's a bit stagey and dated but its the movie that made Bogie a star.

At 1245am is WHITE HEAT (1949) which is one of the greatest film noirs ever with Cagney as a crazed killer.

Harold Lloyd is on Thursday night from 8pm on as a spotlight and if you really like slapstick or acrobatic comedy these are the films for you.

The weekend is all war movies, I don't like war movies even more than I don't like Westerns and Musicals so I've got the weekend free.  Although FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT (1940) is on at 430am which is one of Hitchcock's best.