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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Business Card New Website

Took advantage of Overnight Prints Business Card special and decided to design some new cards-- I wanted ones that didn't have my phone number and only my email-- this is good for handing it out to students and I prefer clients to email me anyway because I'm awful at note taking when I'm talking on the phone anyway.

I also opted to take the plunge and register as a website.   My old site, which links off was getting tired and was desperately in need of an update.  Unfortunately all of those files are long since gone (I think I built that site back when I was still on a PC) so now seemed like a good time to start it all over again.

Simple and clean, I was able to organize it a bit better, I also took the opportunity to update my LINKEDIN and FREELANCED accounts.

Easier to navigate-- no more dead links.
Check it out!