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Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Difference between being Terrorized and Terrified...

Now that the cowardly little shit that caused the death and injury of so many innocent men women and children is in custody-- and who knows by the time this publishes he may have succumbed to his injuries affording him a vacation in hell so he can explain to his equally vile brother why he ran him over as he fled-- we can reflect on what this attack did, and more importantly DIDN'T do.

First and foremost I'm sick and tired of hearing what a great kid this lost little pot head was.

Great kids do not murder innocent people and assassinate a campus policemen in cold blood sitting in his cruiser on the MIT grounds.  He's a dirtball who ADMITTED to his hijack victim he was one of the bombers-- so innocent until proven guilty goes out the window here, so please save your lectures to me-- I've got the podium.

Second, I know the 24 hour news folks have to fill air time, but to suggest that Bostonians and Watertownites spent the final 24 hours of this event in terror is an insult to all of us.

If the populace was terrified they would not have come out on the streets the second the order was lifted.  The people of Watertown simply did their part to let law enforcement do theirs.  The irony is if they weren't asked to lock down they would likely have discovered him cowering in that boat much sooner.

I've heard many politicians say you messed with the wrong city, and that's not bluster.  In CASABLANCA (1942) Humphrey Bogart tells a Nazi officer there are certain parts of New York he wouldn't advise they attempt to invade-- and the same could be said for Boston.

I've mentioned it before but in World War II the Emperor of Japan ordered his generals to formulate a plan to invade the United States after the relatively easy sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.  After much planning the generals returned and humbly told him the invasion of the United States would be impossible because the populace was armed and there would be "a rifle behind every blade of grass".  We aren't afraid to fight back.

The heroes on United Airlines Flight 93 showed terrorists how much we cower at their threats on September 11th 2001.  While they were able to convince the passengers on the other three flights that if they co operated with them it would go like every other plane hi jacking to date and they would all end up safe.  When the passengers on 93 learned what had happened to the other planes they didn't hide, they fought back and brought that plane down saving hundreds of lives, sadly not their own.

This scrawny little misguided ingrate likely spent his last hours of freedom tearfully hiding in that boat, and as an aside genius, next time you try to escape in a boat find one on the water-- and I suspect having lived here for 10 years he knew the danger he was in, not from the police, but from the everyday citizens of the area.  He was lucky the cops got to him first and that they didn't opt to escape to Southie where he would have been dragged through the streets begging for police protection.

You can Terrorize us, anyone can.  Its not that hard to sneak an explosive into a crowded area and unleash carnage.  But terrify us?

That's a different story.

This is the place where we birthed a Nation.  Where we stood up to ridiculous odds to drive the red coats out.  This is a place where we showed the world what it is to fight for independence.

These cowardly attacks do not change a thing.

I wish the bomber a speedy and full recovery only so that we can put him on trial and execute him for the crime-- lucky for justice that this is a Federal Crime so he will face the death penalty.  Like Saddam Hussein before him, he can beg and wet himself as he pays for the vicious acts he perpetrated.

Jeffrey Curley
I'd advocate for him spending his life in prison suffering miserably, but I'm a realist, and I've seen too many instances of people like him somehow getting parole or finding a new birth in prison.  Look only the the killer of the Jeffrey Curley-- the man who murdered this innocent child is facing the possibility of parole, and this is Massachusetts so he just might get it.

This jackass gave up his right to his own life when he chose to detonate those explosives.

His brother got the easy way out.