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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Top 25 Movies of All Time! 16-20

Continuing my list of the TOP 25 movies of all time;

16. REAR WINDOW (1953) Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. James Stewart & Grace Kelly-- a movie that deserves the title Masterpiece-- set in Stewart's apartment where he watches the comings and goings of his Greenwich Village neighbors, one of which might just be a wife killer.

17. THE USUAL SUSPECTS (1995) Directed by Bryan Singer. Stephen Baldwin & Gabriel Byrne.
When you sit down to watch this one you must do one thing; WATCH IT-- no reading the paper, no doodling on a sketchpad-- sit and watch it beginning to end and I bet you'll get to the end and decide you want to watch it again.  A fantastic cast and a director who showed he had a lot of talent, I just don't know where it went (Superman Returns).

18. SILENCE OF THE LAMBS (1991) Directed by Jonathan Demme. Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster
You've probably seen this one, but you might not remember how good it is.  Hopkins is chilling, Foster is solid and the story packs more suspense in two hours than every other film released that year.
19. THE FUGITIVE (1993) Directed by Andrew Davis. Harrison Ford & Tommy Lee Jones
Another one that is action packed, non stop and solidly told.  Ford is fantastic-- his best role including the Indiana Jones movies-- a thrill ride and Tommy Lee Jones is outstanding as the Federal Marshall on his trail.

20. GODZILLA, KING OF THE MONSTERS (1954/1956) Directed by Ishiro Honda. Raymond Burr.  A guy in a rubber suit attacks Tokyo-- if you thats what you think of when someone says Godzilla then you need to see this one again.  A commentary on war and on nuclear war from the only country ever to have suffered through one.  Even the english dub version which features recut footage with Raymond Burr is good.

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