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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Flora In Winter At WAM

Swiped the pic from Josh's Blog
Flora In Winter is an annual event that brings in THOUSANDS of people to the Worcester Art Museum, unlike ANY other programming we do.  I don't know if the numbers are confidential but I do know they are impressive and this year was bigger than most others.

The unseasonably warm weather on Thursday night helped, that's for sure.

Flora is when the museum is turned over to local florists and the Tower Hill folks who then do floral installations inspired by various pieces of art in the museum.  There were many spectacular works this year-- my favorite was by Sean and Charlie of La Jolie Fleur who happen to be good friends of ours, but regardless, their work is always stellar (and I liked the piece-- pictured above-- before I even knew they did it).

Josh Altobelli has a terrific summary of this years event over on his blog-- so jump on over and check it out.