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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Shat is Where it's At

OK, Commercial time.

I have to travel sometimes. Book signings, promoting Turkey Boy, appointments in New York, etc. and I've used all of the hotel booking sites.

Travelocity,, Tripwire, -- I've used all of them.

NONE of them come close to Priceline.

NOT close.

I've used Priceline probably 50 times and I have not been let down once. NOT once. By comparison, I used once and ended up in a room that smelled like wet dog sleeping on a bed made out of old concrete slabs-- not a pleasant way to spend the night. I like Priceline so much I even use them when the client is re-imbursing me for the stay.

Priceline is a tough go for newbies. You don't get to see the name of your hotel until it's booked (when you use the name your own price thing), but of the fifty visits I have been disappointed ZERO times. That's a pretty good rate of return.

So the next time you need to book something, give the Shat a shout.